Utilitarian Fall

I know that I only share this opinion with like, 85% of the female population – but fall is absolutely my favorite time of year in terms of fashion.  Chic layers without the miserable bulk necessary during winter. There is something that I love about leather in the fall. It’s versatile, sexy, and makes me feel a little edgy.

While I can’t afford D&G, I do have this one in my shopping cart from Express, in navy.

Utilitarian Fall

It just begs for a accessories that add to the utilitarian vibe, don’t even get me started on the boots and this bag in this look – both of which I’m currently in the market for.  It’s my standard uniform for fall, just throw in a scarf that fits my mood.

So tell me – Whats your favorite fall trend?  Your can’t-live-without staple?


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  1. Kellmart’s avatar

    Obviously the layering of clothing is one of the best parts, however, I’ll give it up to the Pumpkin Spice Frappy / Latte at spucks with a little MI football!

    Its the best feeling driving to AA while sipping on that to gear you up for a fun filled day.


    And pumpkin carving, halloween decorations, haunted houses, Yankee Apple candles, changing leaves, OMGNOW.

    Did I mention fall is my favorite?


  2. Steve’s avatar

    OMG! Fall is my gave time for accessorizing and layering as well! Break out the camo patterns based on the temp, precipitation and leaf status. Backpacks and matching duffels!!! I have a really cool new jacket picked out to go with my waders!!!! Shut up!


    1. Steve’s avatar

      Fave!! Damn autocorrect!



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